The Best Dating Apps for Android Phones

Know that your Android device can become your faithful dating companion! How? Thanks to the online dating apps we tested! Here are the best for a hot summer.


Tinder is rather innovative in the field of online dating. The application (which does not exist as a site for that matter) offers profiles of people located in a geographical area close to you. You then have two possibilities: a red cross makes its profile disappear from the proposed list, and a green heart means that you like this person (or at least his profile). If, and only if, this person assigns you a heart in turn, you will be put in contact and receive the message now known “It’s a match!”.

The success of this app is partly due to the fact that you do not have to share all your personal information with strangers before you can get in touch with them. And especially: the contact is established only if the two people have given their agreement. No more spam from scams and fake profiles. Continue reading The Best Dating Apps for Android Phones

12 App Design Errors to Avoid

Fashionable styles, well-matched colors, legible typographies … Speaking of app design, we often look at what we need to do to create a successful application, but often we forget these few small errors that could ruin any project.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, or application developer, make sure you’ve done this checklist before considering your app design has been done well.

Error # 1. Not thinking about the application flow

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How to create an engaging mobile game?

On our blog, we recently presented the main stages of creating mobile games. Although we have already mentioned in a few words the marketing and in particular the monetization of mobile games, this topic deserves another article. To succeed in its monetization strategy, a well-defined economic model is not enough. We must give mobile users the desire to continue the game. In this article, we will explain how to create an engaging mobile game. Continue reading How to create an engaging mobile game?

Top 5 Inspirations to Create a Collaborative Economics Application

Creating a successful mobile app is not an easy thing. Indeed, 80% of all mobile apps are dropped immediately after the first launch. However, we note that some types of applications are more successful than others. Winners include instant messaging, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Slack. They are the most widely used applications in the world.

After instant messaging, we inevitably think of applications of collaborative economics: Uber, Airbnb, Blablacar … Who among us does not know? Over the past few years, perhaps as a result of the 2007 crisis, the collaborative economy has been raging to the point of shaking up the traditional economy. Individuals find themselves at the heart of the economic system of the state, just as companies do. Continue reading Top 5 Inspirations to Create a Collaborative Economics Application